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Notre Dame wants to get to know a Sakai developer – is that you?

Shameless plug for a Learning Management Developer (One Year Limited Term) …

Sunrise over St. Mary's lake, late summer...Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame

Sunrise over St. Mary’s lake, late summer…Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame

You should come work for the Office of Information Technologies. And here’s why –

The University of Notre Dame ranks 9th among “Best Places to Work in IT” for the third year running. 

We were cool before that, but lately it’s official.

We have a one year contract position open for a senior developer for Sakai. Are you scared to apply?

If you’re experienced, you could be married, you could have children. You’re probably comfortable where you are. A one year contract? Are you kidding?

No. I’m not kidding. Come to Notre Dame. Plan on staying. I did. I’ve been here 17 years. That initial one year contract was an opportunity for Notre Dame to get to know the values I hold, the work ethic I bring, my extraordinary creativity, not to mention that I always think strategically. (Like this post – we have great talent at Notre Dame, but we want to add to our talent pool, to seek out and convince the best talent).

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s me. Is it you too?

Apply. Check it out. What’ve you got to lose? The posting: https://jobs.nd.edu/postings/3256


Boot Camp at Sakai Conference

I’m listening to introductions now… every story includes an institution that just recently found their recent LMS pulled out from under them. They have great hopes for Sakai.

Also an odd thing as compared to Blackboard conferences where something similar is offered as a pre-conference workshop, this room is full of mixed types – not just sys admins. There are Academic Directors, software developers, Faculty of online courses, new rSmart employees using it as professional development.

And rSmart and Unicon aren’t the only commercial vendors here. Blackboard has sent Jan Poston-Day, whom I’ll have to hook up with later. Jan will be presenting, I believe, on the Blackboard Collaborate integration with Sakai, but more than that, her keen mind and human perspective will surely be taking in and analyzing what makes the Sakai community so attractive to many people and where Blackboard’s cultural transformation could intersect with it.

Comment is being made that the folks in the introductions who are saying, “we’re signing a contract” (rSmart, Unicon, Longsight) represents a change in the ecosystem. In previous Sakai boot camps folks didn’t say this so much because they were running Sakai themselves.

Wake Forest is here! They just “stole” (I smile when I say that), Harold Pace from Notre Dame (our Registrar) and have been on Sakai for a year. About 6 years ago our then Provost Nathan Hatch, also took a new position at Wake Forest. 😉

Okay, we’ve now progressed to the nitty-gritty where we’re rewriting dlls for esoteric databases and developing in SOAP or python or PHP if we don’t like Java, which I barely understand anyway so I’ve got to end this posting to better focus.

Stay tuned for more blogging from the conference.