An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th

South Bend’s 2nd Startup Weekend Startup Weekend is for you.Have a dream? One you thought of long ago or one you thought of last week?Have an idea? For South Bend or for the world stage?Have a skill? Doesn’t relate to the web or business – no problem, bring it- it’ll be useful.Startup Weekend is about community, fun, and learning. Filling a room with open-minded people who have the passion and drive to attend, who have a desire to help and engage our community, and who love what they do culminates in a safe environment for experimentation. Once the weekend is … Continue reading An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th

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What percentage of recent startups began in a garage? How long do you work out of your garage before you can afford a regular office or manufacturing facility? If you had VC investors, should you accept their money and move out of the garage? Advantages of staying in your garage? YouTube. Started in a garage. Google. 1998. Started in a garage. Apple. 1976. Started in a garage. HP. 1939. Started in a garage. Mattel. 1940’s. Started in a garage. Amazon. 1994. Started in a garage. MagLite. 1970’s. Yankee Candle Company. 1990’s. Harley Davidson. 1901. See? It’s all about the garage. … Continue reading Creativity, Entrepreneurship, StartupWeekend, Garages and Warehouses

Observations on Entrepreneurialism, Startups and Education

Normally I write about higher ed and educational technology of some sort. This post is about the startup weekend I attended at Innovation Park, Notre Dame’s entrepreneurial incubator. Bear with me there *is* a connection. The competition’s finalists all presented evidence of their proposition’s value addition to the marketplace. This included the ideas which, as solutions, were “solutions” to pretty trivial problems in the grand scheme of things. One of the finalists, for example, will be launching a smartphone app which creates a connection between you and the clubs you attend – effectively moving you to the head of long … Continue reading Observations on Entrepreneurialism, Startups and Education