OpEd on Next Gen Online Learning: The tail wags the dog

I read this morning in InsideHigherEd The critical difference between replication (with enhancements) of the classroom experience and the potential for the transformation of the classroom experience lies not necessarily in technology, but in four aspirations: A learner focus, an emphasis on interactivity, scalability, and a quest to reduce costs while maintaining quality. We see transformation happen when faculty members don’t see themselves as mere instructors, but as designers, coaches, and members of a learning development team with particular goals in mind. – Steve Minz, InsideHigherEd, “Next Generation Online Learning,” Nov. 19, 2014. Honestly, this statement is right on the … Continue reading OpEd on Next Gen Online Learning: The tail wags the dog

Learning Analytics from DLAMOOC

… we’ll turn to a definition of learning analytics that was first used by the Society for Learning Analytics Research in the inaugural conference in 2011, and that is essentially that learning analytics are the measurement, collection,and analysis of reporting of data, specifically we want to look at learners and the context of learners,  because we want to better understand what’s happening with learners, the environment they’re involved in, and how can we improve that to make a better impact on the individual students, but also to help learners in, or the teachers themselves improve their teaching practices, and ultimately, … Continue reading Learning Analytics from DLAMOOC