Desire2Live now taking the low road? I expect better of them!

Desire2Learn had the high road in my book when they sent the letter to Blackboard agreeing to give the expected $1 million in lawyer’s fees to educational initiatives with Blackboard if Blackboard would do likewise and drop the patent suit. But now they seem to have moved into dispensing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) by implying the DOJ has begun an anti-trust investigation of Blackboard concerning their recent acquisition of ANGEL. I’m not saying the DOJ has or it hasn’t begun such an investigation, which may in fact be warranted. I’m saying that after half an hour searching I … Continue reading Desire2Live now taking the low road? I expect better of them!

BbWorld : Dr. Donna Shalala

Engaging speaker. Current president of the University of Miami. “We are all fellow revolutionaries” … “on the cutting edge of the 21st century university” …. “shaping it.” “It is very difficult to lead intitutions that are not rational.” (chuckles) “Higher education leadership is not for control freaks.” (more chuckles) University of Miami’s Blackboard installation is hosted by Blackboard. (You have to have that context.) She teaches “Politics and Econonmics of Health Care Reform,” every spring, one of the largest classes on campus (250 students meet in class once a week). She uses the Chat rooms and the Blogs. She uses … Continue reading BbWorld : Dr. Donna Shalala

BbWorld Session: Top 10 Support Tickets (Bb Vista/CE) sent to Blackboard

(It was standing room only! Way to go, John Porter!) 10. How do I get SSL to work? 9. How do I get users to tell me which node they’re on? 8. How can I update my license with just a system reboot? 7. How can I tell that Garbage Collection is working? 6. How can I unlock a locked section? 5. How can I monitor background job? (Stave off problems before they occur). 4. How do I bypass custom branded pages? 3. Can application nodes by upgraded concurrently (minimizes downtime)? Can be done! Only have to upgrade admin and … Continue reading BbWorld Session: Top 10 Support Tickets (Bb Vista/CE) sent to Blackboard

How ‘predatory’ is Blackboard?

Surprising to me, my “Predatory Blackboard” post of March 11th drew only one comment. That’s okay. I was providing space for others to vent with me… However, most of us know, it’s not only, or even primarily, Blackboard the company we should be venting about.. The milieu in which we find ourselves is much larger. Consider these points: Marshall, TX Federal District court saw 234 patent infringement cases filed in their little town in 2006. Why does the home of the Fire Ant Festival see more patent cases than Larger Federal Districts such as Los Angeles? More on Marshall, TX… … Continue reading How ‘predatory’ is Blackboard?

Please Excuse the Mess!

Edward Berner, sometime reader and commenter on this blog, sent a listserve we’re both on a link to a wonderful journal article from the Association of Computing Machinery. I am SO tempted to summarize the article for you… but no, you must read it yourself. Then come back here for discussion. I have had sparks flying off in all directions ever since I read it. First spark: Institutions which are currently evaluating course management systems are doing so because they are trying to find a the least risky, most ‘safe’ solution for the current mess in the course management space. … Continue reading Please Excuse the Mess!