A Day in the Life …

As the LMS replacement project moves forward, I was asked to validate what the heck I do all day… Back in November when I calculated support activities weekly for our current LMS, I only accounted for half my time. What do I do the rest of the time? So, today I wrote notes. This is what happened today. No wonder I can’t find buckets or categories to put this stuff in! 6:00am The alarm clock rings. 7:30am On the way out the door to work discovered one of my sons had left his homework binder. 40 minutes round trip to … Continue reading A Day in the Life …

We are not truly adults until our parents are dead.

I don’t claim to be a psychologist and I bet I’m not the first person to realize this, so consider this post as a placeholder for comments and links as I discover whether my perception has any reality to it. This morning I was reflecting on a telephone conversation with my mother yesterday. It was a family trip being planned. Participants are my parents, their 3 adult daughters, and 4 of our under-18 children. As I hung up from the food planning/bringing conversation, I recognized ‘relief’ as my major emotion. My mother (retired) was taking on the bulk of the … Continue reading We are not truly adults until our parents are dead.

IT Professionals (and Others) Un-Tie!

Unite. Are cynicism and apathy what human beings want to be known for? I don’t think so. But why are we like this? From what are we defending ourselves? From what are we hiding? Disappointment? Is it not better to be game-changers? Not better to have counted for something? Here’s your chance. What will be scary to me is how many of you won’t do something important because it’s too simple. It involves Facebook, and voting by clicking. Click the image below. Click the Vote button. You’ll login to Facebook. Go to the Kohl’s department store app and click 5 … Continue reading IT Professionals (and Others) Un-Tie!

The United Federation of Learning Space

The United Federation of Learning Space (also known as “The Federation”) is a fictional interplanetary federal republic depicted in the Star Trek television series and motion pictures. In those episodes and films, the Federation is described as an intersteller federal polity with (as of 2373) more than 6 major interplanetary systems and thousands of colonies spread across 8,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy, and taking the form of a liberal democracy in which disparate voices combine to carve out a vision for its continued place in the universe. The Federation also maintains its own development and exploratory agency, … Continue reading The United Federation of Learning Space