An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th

South Bend’s 2nd Startup Weekend Startup Weekend is for you.Have a dream? One you thought of long ago or one you thought of last week?Have an idea? For South Bend or for the world stage?Have a skill? Doesn’t relate to the web or business – no problem, bring it- it’ll be useful.Startup Weekend is about community, fun, and learning. Filling a room with open-minded people who have the passion and drive to attend, who have a desire to help and engage our community, and who love what they do culminates in a safe environment for experimentation. Once the weekend is … Continue reading An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, StartupWeekend, Garages and Warehouses

What percentage of recent startups began in a garage? How long do you work out of your garage before you can afford a regular office or manufacturing facility? If you had VC investors, should you accept their money and move out of the garage? Advantages of staying in your garage? YouTube. Started in a garage. Google. 1998. Started in a garage. Apple. 1976. Started in a garage. HP. 1939. Started in a garage. Mattel. 1940’s. Started in a garage. Amazon. 1994. Started in a garage. MagLite. 1970’s. Yankee Candle Company. 1990’s. Harley Davidson. 1901. See? It’s all about the garage. … Continue reading Creativity, Entrepreneurship, StartupWeekend, Garages and Warehouses

Data, Research, Education and … Hunches

A national gas station chain opens a neighborhood store, adds a customer loyalty program, puts up a website to collect registration data, gets people to swipe the card at the pump whenever buying gas, while inside asks again for the card and/or zip code, pays out their incentives: coffee, frozen drinks, snack packs, cookies, crackers, 2-liter pops. A video camera records it all. Another day, a researcher working on a project to determine the snacking habits of obese people versus non-obese people has just struck a gold mine if they can agree to responsibly treat this data in the aggregate … Continue reading Data, Research, Education and … Hunches