An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th

South Bend’s 2nd Startup Weekend Startup Weekend is for you.Have a dream? One you thought of long ago or one you thought of last week?Have an idea? For South Bend or for the world stage?Have a skill? Doesn’t relate to the web or business – no problem, bring it- it’ll be useful.Startup Weekend is about community, fun, and learning. Filling a room with open-minded people who have the passion and drive to attend, who have a desire to help and engage our community, and who love what they do culminates in a safe environment for experimentation. Once the weekend is … Continue reading An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th

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What percentage of recent startups began in a garage? How long do you work out of your garage before you can afford a regular office or manufacturing facility? If you had VC investors, should you accept their money and move out of the garage? Advantages of staying in your garage? YouTube. Started in a garage. Google. 1998. Started in a garage. Apple. 1976. Started in a garage. HP. 1939. Started in a garage. Mattel. 1940’s. Started in a garage. Amazon. 1994. Started in a garage. MagLite. 1970’s. Yankee Candle Company. 1990’s. Harley Davidson. 1901. See? It’s all about the garage. … Continue reading Creativity, Entrepreneurship, StartupWeekend, Garages and Warehouses

Data, Research, Education and … Hunches

A national gas station chain opens a neighborhood store, adds a customer loyalty program, puts up a website to collect registration data, gets people to swipe the card at the pump whenever buying gas, while inside asks again for the card and/or zip code, pays out their incentives: coffee, frozen drinks, snack packs, cookies, crackers, 2-liter pops. A video camera records it all. Another day, a researcher working on a project to determine the snacking habits of obese people versus non-obese people has just struck a gold mine if they can agree to responsibly treat this data in the aggregate … Continue reading Data, Research, Education and … Hunches

It’s a media, media media world.

If you’re doing academic research, you can now cite a Tweet. From the MLA: If you do project management, make it visual. In my workplace we’re seeing these “SCRUM boards” on every available wall. Some even include “buns in the oven” (the photo of the ultrasound is an example of media embedding): If you want to make a point, use an Infographic (fancy name for a collage that’s informative, right?) : Marketers always use media, your technology project might want to use it to help spin the change: Continue reading It’s a media, media media world.

Why the Startup Weekend at Notre Dame’s Innovation Park Excites Me

54 hours. Friday April 13th at 6pm until Sunday April 15th at 3pm. Go home to sleep when/if they kick us out or you just can’t think another thought. What we hope to accomplish: Lay the groundwork to start one or more new businesses in South Bend. Period. What participants get paid: Nada. In fact, tickets to the event are $99. Who will be the participants? People like me. Really. People who care about our community and want to give back of our talents and creativity. People who can envision their satisfaction when driving by that new area business and being … Continue reading Why the Startup Weekend at Notre Dame’s Innovation Park Excites Me

Metaphors for Sakai Community

As a participant observer at the Sakai Foundation conference in Los Angeles in June, I noted the conference itself… Was held at a world class hotel (The Bonaventure) Was a ‘budget’ affair for which neither the hotel nor a 3rd party AV vendor was contracted other than basic “comes with” conference venue room sound, wifi, and room lights (the podium was dark, sort of a ‘witness protection’ feel to the speakers) Efforts to stream sessions were ad hoc Presenters used free tools  (I saw Ustream,, and etherpad). Presenters tended to overspeak their geek to audiences that appeared to me … Continue reading Metaphors for Sakai Community

Odious to IT

Multi-tasking craziness setting in. Resulting from dead-ends that force me into a new task. Only to have it dead-end before completion. Today is a good example. I’m on a specialized VPN allowing me to reach servers to administer them. I’m also using a USB headset for my VOIP telephone connection. However, I can’t do both at the same time because the VPN won’t allow VOIP through. My deskphone and I are currently separated. The Bb Vista servers aren’t responding to their jdbc connection change. Looks like a KB article applies. Oh, but wait. Not exactly. Stop DBAs, start Bb Support. … Continue reading Odious to IT