Bbworld 2010 – The difference one year has made

Observation 1 Last year (and the year before) Sungard, a leading provider of Student Information Systems, was not present at the Blackboard conference. Rumors abounded about the defunct, stalled, or otherwise unhealthy relationship between the two vendors. Integration between the two largest providers of higher ed. systems (LMS/SIS), an integration formerly provided free and out of the box for CE/Vista customers anyway (give thanks to WebCT for that legacy arrangement) – was going to be a paid for professional service by Blackboard for which the client would be paying support in perpetuity. Slick, huh? (Of course, such an integration would … Continue reading Bbworld 2010 – The difference one year has made

Authoring Environment Development: Two Models

While one model is open and public and inviting of comments and suggestions from parties who may also be developers, vendors, or even competitors… (See such an invitation from Sakai foundation and watch Michael Korcuska’s Sakai 3 authoring tool demonstration here.) There’s another model. Blackboard’s Product Development Program also solicits customer feedback, suggestions, input, but with restrictions and follow-up that must be done by those responding to the invitation, lest, once announcing their desire to participate, they miss the window of opportunity defined by Blackboard. So when I saw Dara Millen’s invitation to jump into the Product Development Program (always … Continue reading Authoring Environment Development: Two Models

Why is the VistaSWAT Community of Practice so active?

1. Without certain functionality in the Next Generation product, these clients will not migrate to the next generation product  (SIS real time integration; hierarchical permissions for multiple roles and distributed support, etc.). 2. Since these users can not migrate without the functionality their institutions are built around they will either stick with Bb Vista/CE products until the end of life, now scheduled for 2012, OR, they will move to another CMS/LMS/VLE. 3. Since they are ‘stuck,’ advocating for fixing the defects in the current product and enhancing the current product to make it what it should’ve been all along, keep … Continue reading Why is the VistaSWAT Community of Practice so active?