SunGard Higher Ed and Blackboard

Nicole Engelbert of Ovum says it better than I could’ve, ‘While sniping at Blackboard continues to be a popular sport and many are debating whether to move to an open-source LMS, the reality is that most institutions continue to use one of Blackboard’s LMS and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future. As SunGard Higher Education executes on its vision of an “open digital campus”, supporting the large percentage of its client base using Blackboard is crucial.’ And ‘However, a lingering question is whether these vendors will be able to cultivate this partnership in such a way that … Continue reading SunGard Higher Ed and Blackboard

Defining an LMS

This is higher education. It probably goes without saying what we call things, the terms, the nomenclature, is going to be debated. Maybe there’s a point. We’ll see. Do we call it a Learning Management System (LMS)? Do we call it a Course Management System (CMS)? A colleague of mine eschews “Learning Management System” because a mere computer system can not manage learning. I would argue that a system can be useful to humans to manage their learning and such a system might be called an LMS. Not because IT does the managing, but because its useful to us for … Continue reading Defining an LMS