LMS Evaluation Viewpoint 2020

  If you are faculty, if you’re ever surveyed about your institution’s LMS, participate! If you are faculty, if you’re invited to a focus group, speak up. If a member of administration renders a strong opinion, ask why, ask for sources. So tell us – what do you like about Canvas and why? What don’t you like? What do you like about Brightspace? Don’t like? Why? What about Blackboard, or the open source kids like Sakai and Moodle? Have you ever used them? Tell us, what do you like, don’t like? Be specific. Does it matter? Does open source matter to … Continue reading LMS Evaluation Viewpoint 2020

Trends in learning management systems

The dots I’m connecting here: Sugata Mitra’s 2008 TEDTalk on the hole in the wall learning experiment, ie, kids without structure or teacher teach themselves. (More on this). Crowdsourcing. A mass of people working on a problem can and usually do find excellent solutions. Why not apply that to learning?  iTunes U now incorporates learning management system features, but not the interactive, collaborative ones. The University of Notre Dame’s LMS has never supported student preferences for how the student wants to be messaged. The University of Notre Dame’s LMS is a repository for copyrighted material and a gathering of FERPA … Continue reading Trends in learning management systems

Buying Blackboard : Speculation Continues

It was in Twitterland that I heard the April 19th announcement that Blackboard was contracting with Barclays Capital to respond to non-binding offers to buy. And that’s all that Blackboard press release said and all it said it would ever said. But it did say offers plural. At the end of this listing will be sources so far who’ve engaged in this entertaining speculation. My own speculations are informed by the April 14th, just prior, release from Blackboard, to whit, McGraw-Hill and Blackboard Launch Combined Course Solution Worldwide. a phone interview with OpenView Venture Partners who recently invested in Instructure. … Continue reading Buying Blackboard : Speculation Continues