Bringing Blackboard Vista 8 into the Oracle 11g world..

Just a few notes, probably only of significance to myself, of the work involved when the technology around a software changes even as that software is being brought to an end of life… Blackboard’s CE and Vista product is scheduled to be de-supported in January of 2013. Notre Dame will continue to run it as we come along side it with another system and move our Faculty and Students to it. Meanwhile Oracle has de-supported (as of June 2010) its database software version Oracle 10g, on which many institutions have been running their Bb Vista databases. Meanwhile Oracle has acquired … Continue reading Bringing Blackboard Vista 8 into the Oracle 11g world..

Blackboard/SunGard Grade Adapter Integration

Integration Dependencies Banner Configuration Your Institution’s grading validation rules and their application to each gradeable course (Please comment or email if you have more details). The Luminis grade adapter (SunGard product) The Blackboard Vista/CE JMS architecture as it pertains to clustered environments.  Hopefully Release 8, Service Pack 1’s ‘fix’ will more broadly address the architecture rather than just supply a fix. These two issues currently make grade exchange non-functional (as well as reliable enrollment synchronization) in clustered application environments: VST-27644.2.0.x / 6.2.0.xIMS API/3rd Party IntegrationOther nodes in the cluster are incorrectly picking Grade Exchange events, preventing the JMS node from … Continue reading Blackboard/SunGard Grade Adapter Integration

Configure an Anonymous Gradeable Discussion Topic at your own risk …

How should this feature be designed? It’s bewildering. I got an email this week from an Instructor who wanted students to be able to submit suggestions through a discussion topic without peer pressure. So she configured the topic to be anonymous. But she wanted to offer a grade for some of the best ideas. So she configured the topic to be gradeable. But anonymous from student to student is also anonymous to the Instructor. Go figure. But the system allowed her to do it anyway. Obviously a bug. But how should it work? Continue reading Configure an Anonymous Gradeable Discussion Topic at your own risk …

Grade Submission from Bb Vista to SCT Sungard Banner: Testing Failures Continue

Yesterday’s testing revealed a new flaw/quirk -call it what you will: a new way grade submission fails. The first section of midterm grades contained 243 students. All students were selected to Export to SIS. I pushed the button as the Instructor at 2:27pm. Almost instantaneously, as soon as I canceled out of that screen and got back in, the message awaited me, "Grade Exported to SIS." Sweet. Elegant. But not repeatable. Read on… Then, at 2:59pm, I submitted the midterm grades for the 2nd class, one of 220 students, to which I was also assigned as Instructor. My colleague at … Continue reading Grade Submission from Bb Vista to SCT Sungard Banner: Testing Failures Continue

DST Change only Three Weeks Away…

Those of you who think the blog bug is being neutralized in one Laura Gekeler, think again… I will be here. You haven’t heard from me because we have a number of open support tickets of a serious (to us) nature. Last week I even missed the VistaSWAT call which I knew would discuss this DST hotfix topic, but I was engaged in tracking down an SCT Banner / Bb Vista sync problem …another posting. So what’s up with this DST time issue? We have a Support Bulletin released Jan. 29th telling us there’s a Hotfix release candidate for Daylight … Continue reading DST Change only Three Weeks Away…

Weekly Feature? User tutorials… in Jing

I finally had a chance to play around with TechSmith’s ‘quick and dirty’ screen capture freebie called Jing. Here’s the result of some caffeine, a Plantronic headset with mic, and a whole bunch of support tickets that started me thinking… It only records, no editing that I can find. Output is a .swf file. This may become a weekly feature on this blog… File Upload in Notre Dame’s Concourse CMS (Bb Vista) The part that doesn’t work so well is embedding it so that it plays in the blog window (a la YouTube). It does not miniaturize well, so any … Continue reading Weekly Feature? User tutorials… in Jing

Post SP3 Garbage Collection Failures

I opened ticket #504803 with Bb on Monday and was less than gratified to not get a response until today. (Our TSM is on vacation according to his out of office reply message). So today I’m told to run the GC utility. I thought SP3 was supposed to correct GC? Now, all I’ve consulted up to now is the serverAdmin UI, so before I go off trying to get this scheduled before the start of the semester, I’ve got some questions (I wish the Bb reply asked these questions, but all they said was to run the GC utility). So, … Continue reading Post SP3 Garbage Collection Failures