#bbworld09 Considerations for LMS PowerLinks

Campus-wide needs campus-wide funding. Can we support and administer? Licensing? Who owns it? Who is contact person? Performance effect on the LMS? Interactions with established powerlinks? What infrastructure needs does it need? (Tegrity and TurningTech clickers required infrastructure changes. They also don’t play well together in same course). LMS version upgrades requires further testing of powerlinks. Often support of these 3rd party tools is distributed across various campus entities. Determining ROI involves reporting on usage, but also how does it impact teaching and learning? Demonstrating that X tool improves the learning outcome for a course is the next measure we … Continue reading #bbworld09 Considerations for LMS PowerLinks

Feed the Students their Courses (RSS, that is)

This one looks good (Wed, July 15th, 8:30am Potomac 1/2). Support Student Learning and Keep Them Informed: RSS Feeds in Blackboard Learn Housatonic Community College and U of Westminister are both sending out from Blackboard to students’ mobile devices. 5 of them discuss how that works Wed July 15th from 8:30am to 9:15am in Potomac 1/2. And what makes this really cool is their planning for our sakes: “Materials available post-session at Blackboard Connections will include a tutorial from Housatonic Community College to help you immediately implement RSS in your course as well as access to the University of Westminster … Continue reading Feed the Students their Courses (RSS, that is)

BbWorld 09 and Openness

I’m intrigued by this scheduled session: “Customizing the Blackboard Virtual Learning Experience with Openness” If you like acronyms, you may have noticed VLE in there, as Virtual Learning Environment (or Experience. Take your pick.). I have every respect for John Fontaine and even his new quirky title: “Senior Director, Technology Evangelism.” I hope he converts all you sinners to openness. Somehow I can’t help but seque to the openness marketing campaign even though I can’t quite come up with a metaphor that doesn’t involve naked vs bundled people in some Apple vs PC parady. Fontaine will be accompanied leading this … Continue reading BbWorld 09 and Openness

Follow up on Sakai 3 Webinar …

After the June 1st webinar, Kim Thanos of thanospartners.com emailed to say, “I have been working with Michael on Sakai 3 communications and would love any thoughts that you have. Specifically, I know that ND is using Bb today. As you view Sakai 3, what will set it apart from Blackboard? Where do you see Blackboard’s capability will continue to be preferable for your users? ” With Kim’s permission, I’m responding to her here. First I’ve got to say I don’t understand Sakai very well. I don’t understand where to go for more information about the software, what it does, … Continue reading Follow up on Sakai 3 Webinar …

Sakai 3 Webinar Notes – Michael Korcuska

Impetus for creating Sakai 3: Read-write web and Campus demand for project-based sites. Envisioned benefit: Flexibility of presentation/content flow as managed by Content Authors. Sakai 3 Themes “unSakai” : it’s recognized that not all will implement Sakai the same way. Some may use it as a shell for interactions that happen elsewhere (cloud apps, etc). Content Authoring through simple page creation; template-based authoring, interactive widgets. “Everything is content” to include and go beyond user documents uploaded, such as discussion posts, user profiles, test questions… therefore, all should be taggable, linkable, portable, searchable. Therefore, a unified content repository. Academic Networking, perhaps … Continue reading Sakai 3 Webinar Notes – Michael Korcuska

The United Federation of Learning Space

The United Federation of Learning Space (also known as “The Federation”) is a fictional interplanetary federal republic depicted in the Star Trek television series and motion pictures. In those episodes and films, the Federation is described as an intersteller federal polity with (as of 2373) more than 6 major interplanetary systems and thousands of colonies spread across 8,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy, and taking the form of a liberal democracy in which disparate voices combine to carve out a vision for its continued place in the universe. The Federation also maintains its own development and exploratory agency, … Continue reading The United Federation of Learning Space