Buying Blackboard : Speculation Continues

It was in Twitterland that I heard the April 19th announcement that Blackboard was contracting with Barclays Capital to respond to non-binding offers to buy. And that’s all that Blackboard press release said and all it said it would ever said. But it did say offers plural. At the end of this listing will be sources so far who’ve engaged in this entertaining speculation. My own speculations are informed by the April 14th, just prior, release from Blackboard, to whit, McGraw-Hill and Blackboard Launch Combined Course Solution Worldwide. a phone interview with OpenView Venture Partners who recently invested in Instructure. … Continue reading Buying Blackboard : Speculation Continues

iStrategy clients receive Blackboard letter

I logged in over at again today to see Vicki’s follow-up. Vicki has posted a letter purported to be that which iStrategy clients are receiving from Michael Chasen at Blackboard notifying them of the acquisition of iStrategy by Blackboard. Here is the link so that you can go read her account yourself (I believe account creation is necessary): Full text available here without logging in: Continue reading iStrategy clients receive Blackboard letter

Blackboard adding to its portfolio

Still no press releases to confirm Vicki Tambellini’s 12/30/2011 post that Blackboard has purchased data modeling/tools/analytics company, iStrategy Solutions. The price is rumored to be $12.5 million plus $1.5 million worth of Blackboard stock. Also potentially in the works (or is it already a done deal?), the acquisition of Presidium, a provider of 24/7 support for learning management systems. Continue reading Blackboard adding to its portfolio