Sakai 3 changes its name

The open source collaborative learning environment (CLE) or whatever we call it to compare it to other systems like it (maybe the point is that there ARE no others like it?), is no longer to be known as Sakai 3, but as Sakai OAE. The new three letter acronym stands for Open Academic Environment. We just hope a stable release is available soon. Does a reorganization of the project team mean that release is further out or that the team’s streamlining makes such a release due out sooner? Design Goals: Reorganization: Continue reading Sakai 3 changes its name

How my work might change: Governance

(How my work might change if Notre Dame chose Sakai as its next LMS) It doesn’t take much thought to acknowledge that any change presents opportunities along with it that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Congress takes advantage of this with nearly every bill it passes, bundling some more or less related legislature or budgetary consideration in with new law. Let’s please not go that far! But still, if you know you must change, you can consider a whole batch of other changes that might be beneficial to implement at the same time. You could design a whole new way of … Continue reading How my work might change: Governance

What IF Notre Dame chooses Sakai, Or: How would my work change?

From this perspective I hope to begin discovering what would be the ideal transition, the best practices and the currently missing elements at Notre Dame to support such a decision. If I start hypothesizing now, this information could actually be taken back to the LMS evaluation committee and utilized to inform their ultimate decision, which, by the way, is due May 1, 2011. Thus begins a new blogging series. I hope to engage the broader community to assist me in my unauthorized and VERY hypothetical exploration based on my current role, skills and usefulness in my current environment. In future … Continue reading What IF Notre Dame chooses Sakai, Or: How would my work change?

What does an LMS do? What should it do?

If you think you’re evaluating a replacement for your current system and you don’t know the answers to these two vital questions, think again. As Blackboard’s adopted products, Vista and CE, near their end of lives, many institutions are again evaluating what’s next. Stay with Blackboard on their next generation product? Maybe even re-define what “it” is? Do you really have to replace “it” with a monolithic “system” or are the technologies that enable learning chosen one at a time as best fit for your institution and then glued together by a central authentication system and/or portal? I wrote about … Continue reading What does an LMS do? What should it do?

The sale of Angel to Blackboard. One year ago Today.

Let’s see what Ray Henderson has been up to since being named President of Blackboard Learn…. His first blog, “On Beginning” contains this list of “My First Focus Areas at Blackboard“ 1. Product Support. Improve it, of course. What I mean by that is: What do I have to do to get a problem resolved and how long does it take? Am I talking to the right people? I think that’s what Henderson means by that. One year later… are we seeing it? 2. Innovations. Since I’m on Blackboard Vista and will be unless or until the NG product Blackboard … Continue reading The sale of Angel to Blackboard. One year ago Today.

College Degree: One Size Fits All

One size fits all? Of course it doesn’t. Yeesh. I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck, you know. There are multiple ways to get a college degree…. All? All? For most of us it is a foregone conclusion that everyone should aspire to and attain a college degree, by whatever method works best for them. Attaining the degree may be two years at a community college, transfer to a 4 year institution; or, 4 years at the best your loan can cover and the outcome degree finance… Why should everyone attain a college degree? To maximize their income potential, … Continue reading College Degree: One Size Fits All