Bb Vista Health Checks 101

1. The load balancer health checks are configured on the load balancer. You see them in your webserver.log file as Date/Time IP Address 200 GET /webct/checkStatusForLb   guest The interval is usually 10 seconds. They’re used by the load balancer to determine whether a user requesting a session should be sent to that node or not. If the node doesn’t respond, end user sessions aren’t sent there. Weblogic also does health checks. A couple of different kinds it turns out. Here’s where you find them in your Weblogic Console: 2. Peer Connectivity. How are my sister nodes? Are they available to … Continue reading Bb Vista Health Checks 101

Your Bb Vista cluster config.xml file

Tip: Keep a ‘last known good’ config.xml file on your admin node. With even a small cluster, anytime a change to a setting in the Weblogic console causes a bad write-out to this file (like almost every other time!), all you have to do to recover is copy your last known good config.xml file over the faulty one, create an empty file named REFRESH on each node (including admin) and rename all of the ../WebCTDomain/server/ directories  (all nodes, including admin) so that a new /server directory gets created. It shouldn’t happen. It sounds goofy. But it’s a lifesaver when you … Continue reading Your Bb Vista cluster config.xml file

Weblogic 9.2 and Bb Vista cluster node migration 101

There’ve been a couple recent incidents at Notre Dame requiring our Bb Vista cluster to be restarted. In follow-up root cause analysis, the culprit has been dropped multicast healthcheck packets. The admin, for reasons I haven’t discovered yet, has not received the communication, and believing the node to be unavailable, has begun a migration process which failed. But what exactly is it attempting to migrate? Where is the failure? I do know WHEN the failure happens, with catastrophic consequence. It happens when a configured number of JMS health checks are not received by the admin. The setting is configurable in … Continue reading Weblogic 9.2 and Bb Vista cluster node migration 101