Weekend Upgrades

Only an small percentage of the population knows what I’m talkng about …the cadre of system, application and network administrators who keep the world’s systems running. They know what I’m talking about. This morning I’m in my running shoes, running tights, big long fleece pullover, with a black ballcap pulled over my head. I came into the office to do the upgrade because I’m addicted to two monitors. Otherwise, I have done them from my living room couch. Of course, in the office I actually have two machines with two monitors. While one is doing the upgrade, the other is … Continue reading Weekend Upgrades

A little documentation glitch for Service Pack 3 (CE/Vista 8.03)

For clustered installs we are advised in one place to set unit-of-order processing to false, and just after it, to change it to true. Matt Brady, Blackboard integration Guru extraordinaire, in his October 5th email to the Blackboard-SunGard users list (since this affects real-time event processing from Luminis), sets us straight. And, as far as I know, the Blackboard Vista_8.0,_Service_Pack_3_Release_Notes.pdf documentation has NOT been changed. To ensure the LMB operates in an effecient manner the following modifications will need to be made to your configuration files on the ADMIN node. 1) In the config.xml file located at WebCTDomain/config/config.xml you must … Continue reading A little documentation glitch for Service Pack 3 (CE/Vista 8.03)

Bb Vista Assessments : Lost Answers Continue…

This is a follow-up to my posting of September 23rd . As information has continued to pour in on the webct-users and webct-admin listserves I follow, this software defect just gets weirder and weirder. The good news is that we’re pooling our observations and that Blackboard is being extremely attentive. Recapping the ISSUE: Students are saving answers to tests. The fact that they’re doing so is being recorded in server application logs. But NOT in the database so that the answers are displayed AND graded by the application and displayed back to teachers and students. The SCOPE: It’s being reported … Continue reading Bb Vista Assessments : Lost Answers Continue…

Librarian in Residence Gave me a Call

She’s got one year to make her mark. Her first assignment is to get a library resource for Computer Science, Chemistry and Engineering students closest to where the student’s point of need is. So she thinks of the course management system. And what can I do for her? Applaud. Leap up and down. Then what? Hmm… Is there a programmatic way of adding this library resource (just a weblink at this point) into each course section? Continue reading Librarian in Residence Gave me a Call

Self-Registration Feature in Blackboard Vista

I’ve always found this kludgey. The navigation is way too deep… especially for an institution where only certain selections are going to be available for self-registration anyway. In our case we have a Bb Vista “model course” and we have Alcohol and Drug Education courses, and an occasional community site. The way it works is to click on “Course List” and then click through the hierarchy that you aren’t really going to know. Default Division. Click. Non-Accredited Courses. Click. Special-use Category. Click. Alcohol and Drug Education. Click. “Women and Alcohol.” Click. I’m finally at the self-registration screen. Gaaagh. There’s the … Continue reading Self-Registration Feature in Blackboard Vista

A Day in the Life of a Course Management Administrator

Monday. Post-holiday weekend. No, I’m not a drinker or a party-er. Just a Mom. Last Thursday we moved the IP address of the service’s front-end to a new appliance. That was done by a DNS record change after the health checks were confirmed to be in place. I checked it out. Took a while to propagate. Friday. Saturday. Family. Kids. Fireworks buying. Macaroni salad. Hamburgers. Open House. Sunday. 7:47am. I didn’t set an alarm. Knew I wouldn’t need one. Tip-toed past the husband. Sat out on the couch in my bathrobe, logging in to the VPN, then ssh’ing onto the … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Course Management Administrator

It’s suspiciously like something has changed at Blackboard …

Okay, you may think this is a stretch, but this is a true story from which I am deriving HOPE. I’d like to think that you, Gentle Reader, might have hope too. Yesterday I set about upgrading our Bb Vista 8.0.0 development environment to 8.0.1 … The goal being to get to 8.0.2 HF 1 in production by mid-June. So… up start the error messages. But I know it’s not me and I know its not Bb’s 8.0.1 install package or how I’m running it. I know these errors are the result of Oracle database hardening our DBA group has … Continue reading It’s suspiciously like something has changed at Blackboard …