LMS Evaluation Viewpoint 2020

  If you are faculty, if you’re ever surveyed about your institution’s LMS, participate!┬áIf you are faculty, if you’re invited to a focus group, speak up. If a member of administration renders a strong opinion, ask why, ask for sources. So tell us – what do you like about Canvas and why? What don’t you like? What do you like about Brightspace? Don’t like? Why? What about Blackboard, or the open source kids like Sakai and Moodle? Have you ever used them? Tell us, what do you like, don’t like? Be specific. Does it matter? Does open source matter to … Continue reading LMS Evaluation Viewpoint 2020

What focus today?

Good Morning Robin Williams! Oh wait, he wasn’t even an LMS Administrator but he killed himself… So today. What initiative, fix, feature, campaign, education, development, or QA effort do I focus on? My list includes: Discovering if its feasible for CKEditor 4 (the RTE embedded in Sakai) could be configured with a fontawesome embed widget Discovering if anyone else thinks the CKEditor’s stupid buttons should be turned off/made invisible Stupid buttons here: You get this, right? When you press any of these 3 buttons, they tell you that your browser (any modern browser) doesn’t support using these buttons, just go … Continue reading What focus today?