About Laura Gekeler

 About Laura Gekeler as read by herself.

As will be noted in the annals of history, “A tall stately woman with a long loping gait who did not suffer fools lightly.”

Nickname: “Wearer of Black.”  She says, “Everything in my closet matches.”

Address: With her husband.

Occupation: Whatever occupies her.

Vocation: Learning something about everything.

Belief System: Neo-orthodox.

Authority Figure: Yes

Twitter: lgekeler

Heroes: Mother Teresa; Blaise Pascal.

3 thoughts on “About Laura Gekeler

  1. Laura – Great bio. So I obsess and being intrigued by whether or not I too am of the Neo-Orthodoxy persuasion off to Wikipedia where I find “Neo-orthodoxy, in Europe also known as theology of crisis and dialectical theology”. This is fantastic – theology of crisis. Yup I’m in.

  2. Jerry, Maybe neither one of us is “in” the neo-orthodox camp as much as we’d like to be. Upon review, it looks like I’m sure not. Your comment made me review whether I would like to join others so labeled and the answer is “no” I would not.
    I’d like to make my own ‘camp’ which is almost orthodox (“neo” or near) and almost “neo,” that is, subjective enough to believe the Holy Spirit still moves and changes things today, but not subjective enough to say the Bible becomes the Word of God when it speaks truth to me. (See http://apprising.org/2009/03/28/neo-orthodox-approach-to-the-bible-perfect-fit-for-emergence-christianity/ for criticism of neo-orthodoxy defined for today).

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