LMS Evaluation Viewpoint 2020



If you are faculty, if you’re ever surveyed about your institution’s LMS, participate! If you are faculty, if you’re invited to a focus group, speak up. If a member of administration renders a strong opinion, ask why, ask for sources.

So tell us – what do you like about Canvas and why? What don’t you like?

What do you like about Brightspace? Don’t like? Why? What about Blackboard, or the open source kids like Sakai and Moodle? Have you ever used them? Tell us, what do you like, don’t like? Be specific. Does it matter? Does open source matter to you? If so, why?

Maybe choice of LMS doesn’t matter, but it’s the way the service is managed at your institution… do you get the help you need? Do you have the choices you need?

Please share!