An Entrepreneurial Weekend–Nov 9th


South Bend’s 2nd Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is for you.
Have a dream? One you thought of long ago or one you thought of last week?
Have an idea? For South Bend or for the world stage?
Have a skill? Doesn’t relate to the web or business – no problem, bring it- it’ll be useful.
Startup Weekend is about community, fun, and learning. Filling a room with open-minded people who have the passion and drive to attend, who have a desire to help and engage our community, and who love what they do culminates in a safe environment for experimentation. Once the weekend is over many startup weekenders walk away with some great new friendships, shared experiences, and an extra pep in their step. Some will walk away with a new venture to work on; they may even have a team to work with. Either way, Startup Weekend is about connection, learning, and production – all of which you’ll only have a chance to experience if you attend.
Registration is only $25 for the entire weekend, Friday at 6pm through Sunday at 6pm – Come and go as you please. The event is free for spectators and children under 13. Snacks, drinks, and some meals will be provided.
The energetic mayor Pete will jumpstart the weekend Friday night, our facilitator – David is traveling to South Bend from Seattle for the event, and the President and COO of the first business at Ignition Park, Rich Carlton of Data Realty is one of our judges – ladies/gentleman, South Bend has a tech scene…get connected!

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  1. Hi all! This is the aforementioned David from Seattle! At Startup Weekend, our passion is for educating and making impact. I can’t wait to meet you all and share the things I have learned about entrepreneurship and people coming together to bring an idea to life 🙂

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