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What percentage of recent startups began in a garage? How long do you work out of your garage before you can afford a regular office or manufacturing facility? If you had VC investors, should you accept their money and move out of the garage? Advantages of staying in your garage?


  • YouTube. Started in a garage.
  • Google. 1998. Started in a garage.
  • Apple. 1976. Started in a garage.
  • HP. 1939. Started in a garage.
  • Mattel. 1940’s. Started in a garage.
  • Amazon. 1994. Started in a garage.
  • MagLite. 1970’s.
  • Yankee Candle Company. 1990’s.
  • Harley Davidson. 1901.

See? It’s all about the garage. The metaphor for American ingenuity and innovation. So…

If you live in or near South Bend, Indiana you’re in for a treat the weekend of Nov. 9-11th.  Oh, and the event is being held, not exactly in a garage, but we think a warehouse comes close. For more information or to register:


[ does set designs, but I’ve seen real garages like this!]

Our SouthBend StartupWeekend “warehouse” is the former AJ Wright building in this short window of availability before new tenants move in to newly named: Interstate 80 Commerce Center, another innovative re-purposing!