Odious to IT

Multi-tasking craziness setting in.

Resulting from dead-ends that force me into a new task. Only to have it dead-end before completion.

Today is a good example.

I’m on a specialized VPN allowing me to reach servers to administer them. I’m also using a USB headset for my VOIP telephone connection. However, I can’t do both at the same time because the VPN won’t allow VOIP through. My deskphone and I are currently separated.

The Bb Vista servers aren’t responding to their jdbc connection change. Looks like a KB article applies. Oh, but wait. Not exactly. Stop DBAs, start Bb Support. Open ticket.

User says can’t login with email-based User ID I gave him since he’s a guest in our system. Oh no… I know exactly what is happening. Why do people do this? I say use your Joe@gmail.com address as the UserID and password, then after you login, reset the password. Instead their fingers typed the gmail acct AND the gmail password. Wrote a more detailed email. They’ve been waiting for me to fix this for days. No fixing for me to do.

Phone call on other line (since I’m on the VPN still). Do I have the spreadsheet of the early adopters? No, I say, it’s on the wiki. While I’m hanging on the phone, they access wiki, can’t find it. I suspected that would be the upshot. Sure, I’ll send it to you. I hang up; I go to the wiki and can’t find it either. I hate confluence. It’s an attachment on some page but all the wiki users attach where they please. So much for collaboration.

Get the transition site up. But we have new standards. I must go to a website and make a request and provide a chargeback account number. So, first step, I must get aforementioned chargeback account number from someone. Find out who. Phone call. Referred to next person. Send that person email. Get number. Back to website. More options we need, more than the $300 I asked for. Okay, add $225 more to shopping cart. They’ll thank me when the questioning subsides. Get an email from the site, oh, it appears to be from the human who will set up my website, but the human is sending an out of office reply. Why is only one human being notified that I need this website? I will have to wait to put up content until next week. The point was to start quickly… Changing tasks.

Meanwhile my Office package after 60 days has decided it’s not activated and given me a 1 day until armeggedon warning. I call the Help Desk. Oh, this is happening a lot. Some of our wireless networks aren’t reaching our License activation server during the Office install (which I did manually and didn’t even realize there was an automated back end piece). I’m sent the path to a vbs script and the params to use with it to force it to contact the activation server. But I have to run as administrator and can’t remember where the magic juju is to start the cmd.exe as admin. Google that. Shoulda guessed. Rick-click menu before opening. My main expertise is not the desktop, that much is obvious.

Back to the wiki, can’t find the spreadsheet, need to upload from my desktop and also send to the Instructional Designer who needs it. And gotta get off this VPN, got an email that a phone call is coming in from someone wanting a special LMS course site set up. I’ll leave the Bb Vista jdbc problem for later – whenever I hear back from Blackboard support I suppose. Except that my own DBAs have a timeline to keep and will want me to get this going sooner than that…

Outside my window is crew of cement polishers. No wait, cement cutters. No wait, cement dust makers. The dust is covering my black pants. I’m on the inside. No open windows. How is this possible? The roaring of their drill bits and gasoline powered cranes fills my ears.