Cool Ideas from Exemplary Courses – Sakai Conference

I love layered learning. We are listening to an exemplary course winner, Kelly Pickering, who created a course for North Sydney, an Australian University. This is a faculty online course on how to plan teaching online which also means faculty are gaining experience using the online tools as a student.

– it’s sustainable
– can be delivered repeatedly by various facilitators
– is scalable as the institution grows
– contributes to maturity in online course development for each professor but actually also improves the way teaching is delivered at the institution.
– delivered over 18 weeks with a face to face introduction, but that induction could be delivered via web video.

Care was taken to provide a linear map through the course filled with how-tos as well as supporting a learning style which traverses content in a more flexible manner.

Three web sites were created to mirror levels of attainment.
– Undertake ELearning
– Advancing in ELearning
– Facilitating ELearning

For Kelly’s presentation, check out the Sakai conference website.