I get by with a little help from my friends


I’ve now been in the learning management space for 12 years. I still love it. And I love that the professional networks I began back then, over time, and any number of conferences, become people I value as friends. I know which ones I can trust and which ones spout baloney after a couple of beers. Bob Boufford, I can trust. Couldn’t believe where he is today and how timely that is for some of my current questions about importing BbVista quizzes to Sakai!

BobBoufford_withRespondusNow (click on image)

Make new friends and keep the old, they say. My recent queries out to the universe through Twitter have emphasized just that. I met new friends from the University of Florida at Notre Dame’s Learning Technology Consortium confab and someone I’ve never met but whom I’m guessing is related to those folks, answered.

SakaiCAS_WebDAV_answer(click on image)

I asked whether anyone knew how to configure Sakai with CAS such that a desktop client like WebDAV could authenticate too. Old friends surprised me as well. Check out what THEY’RE doing:

KronerOnCAS_Blackboard(click on image)


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