Thought Leadership on Academic Projects

IT projects for the Academy ARE different.

Here’s how:

  • “The Academy” is not a unified entity but contains constituent groups (Arts & Letters, Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Law, Libraries, Languages) which are more disparate than “The Administration” (HR, Finance, Admissions, Registrar, Controller’s Office, Facilities, Housing, Development).
  • The Academy aggregates around learning practices, which, when effective, require variation according to the needs of the student and the body of knowledge to be captured as one’s own.
  • The Administration aggregates around business practices, which, when effective, require similarity as governed by universal business practice.

Since the Academy aggregates around learning, and learning itself is an iterative activity, when the Academy sets out to collect project requirements it’s a given what they are attempting to do (the scope) will be iterative.

A centralized IT service provider will do well to design independent processes in support of the Academy and the Administration. At some level a centralized IT service provider may need specifically trained people who understand the nuances of these two major bodies of constituents in order to effectively provide the best services for both.


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