A Day in the Life …

As the LMS replacement project moves forward, I was asked to validate what the heck I do all day… Back in November when I calculated support activities weekly for our current LMS, I only accounted for half my time. What do I do the rest of the time?

So, today I wrote notes. This is what happened today. No wonder I can’t find buckets or categories to put this stuff in!

6:00am The alarm clock rings.
7:30am On the way out the door to work discovered one of my sons had left his homework binder. 40 minutes round trip to drop it off for him puts me at work 30 minutes later than planned.
8:30am Fill out timesheets from past two weeks. Miss general Enterprise Systems weekly mtg to do so.
9:00am Respond to email from instructor of special use coursesite asking how he adds member. Send link to instructions. Add person acct for him. (Note to self: Log support ticket).
9:30am Login to Test, discover my sudo scripts broken. Email sys admin that application user account does not have sudo in test and I can’t restart the app after patching yesterday.
9:30am Take phone call from project member researching TCO for the LMS replacement project
9:30am Take phone call from Instructor wanting to know what RLB adoption is so that psych department can recoup their cost in licensing it for this year.I understood Psych department to be taking the lead on promotion.
9:30am Return call from A&L IT Director about support for RLB.
9:30am Alter bash_profile of application user account on test servers to reflect new weblogic path. Email sys admin that app user has lost its sudo privileges somehow (from physical to vm no doubt).
10:00am Start searching my harddrive for information on TCO from last project to forward to project member calculating it this time.
10:00am Emailed sys admin backup (regular SA out on medical leave turns out) for cms servers that I no longer seem to have sudo privileges to start vista in test environment.
10:30am Reviewed several versions of excel spreadsheets and passed on the one I think most helpful.
10:30am Received an out of the blue offer from new faculty in Graphic and Interaction Design to assist with LMS evaluation.Loved it! Forwarded it to committee.
10:30am Opened LMS touchpoint spreadsheet.
11:00am Found the BackupAndRetention policy as it was communicated to campus March 31, 2009 by Gordon Wishon and posted it out to the CMS Subcommittee as was discussed at one of our meetings no one seemed to recollect our commitment to migrate 2 years of courses forward.
11:00am Went online to my Advanced Technologies for Distance Education and made a couple of posts concerning whether there is an educational use for Twitter or blogging.Found out what this week’s assignments are.
Noon    Got Lunch. Back at my desk eating. Writing more posts for my class. Researching the dawn of RSS. Suggesting improvements to the course.
1:00pm Enough professional development already! Where is the email from the sys admin backup that I have sudo back? Take a walk up to her office…
1:00pm Logging into Wimba Admin dashboard to attempt to collect Stats I promised to project member along with TCO this morning.
1:00pm Setting out of office and voice mail message for Friday and Monday. (yee-ha!)
1:30pm Sending results to Project member.
1:30pm Answering email responses to the BackupAndRetentionPolicy discussion. (Why did we commit to migrating student data! to new system!!!).
1:30pm Missed call agian form A&L IT Director re: support for RLB.
1:30pm Found out System Admin backup is out sick but responded this morning from home, yet isn’t going to be able to help with sudo.
2:00pm Continuing work on spreadsheet of all touchpoints to current LMS which need to be considered when moving to our new system.
2:00pm Going to get coffee.Continuing work on spreadsheet.
2:00pm Phone call with A&L IT Director finally. We scheme about how to assist with the promotion of RLB by the psych depart. Dave taking it up.
2:30pm Continuing work on spreadsheet of touchpoints.
2:30pm Email request from Chris Clark to unenroll the Kaneb “learning” account rom the FA10 course sections they assisted with.10 of them and any others he didn’t list.
3:30pm Email from A&L IT Director that RLB contract expires 7…2011 and who paid and that he will follow-up.
3:00pm Remembered I hadn’t heard back about a reservation request for U of Fl guests before the Learning Technology Consortium meetings. Resent the email to the admins in charge.
3:00pm Thought to ask about Jira’s production status because these spreadsheet rows really go in Jira for tracking. Sigh. Double-entry for me.
3:00pm Real sys admin out for medical reasons today emails me that the app user’s sudo privileges on my test system have been restored. Reboot to get back on VPN and test…
3:00pm Fiddled with Grooveshark and speakers to drown out a personal conversation a few cubes away
3:30pm Logged in and starting up my patched Bb Vista 8.04 test app. I have sudo again.
4:00pm Moved files from the old domain directory per standard patching, Chat and log4j.properties
4:00pm Took phone call from admin asst who has been working on my room reservation for the U of Florida folks. She’d been out sick.
4:00pm Emailing sys admin that sudo looks good.
4:00pm Another email about Student Data Retention…Answered what skill set we need to retain just the gradebooks. A programmer. Webservices. Java. Or student employees to dip into each section and download the gradebook as .csv (FERPA???)
4:15pm Commencing end of day rituals to leave at 4:30pm

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life …

  1. Laura – What perplexes me most about your day is that you fill out timesheets? What’s up with this?

  2. Ah Melanie… all our staffers in our Office of Information Technologies record our actual times spent in different categories. We have categories for each project we’re on (it helps us get better at estimating how long projects take); a category for support work (I answer a LOT of questions from faculty and students alike); and categories for work related to the care and feeding of an application such as Blackboard. Some of these stats we gather are then helpful for demonstrating to the University that our OIT works very hard to support the mission of the University. That’s “timesheets” a la Notre Dame. 😉
    (These metrics will assist me and my manager in justifying the hiring -or cloning- of a couple more of me. I keep saying that but I’m still the lone dedicated person to this after 6 years!)

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