If you pay for an LMS, then you should use your LMS …

I quite agree with this well written article by George Washington U senior, Matt Ingoglia, in the student publication, The Hatchet.

Reasons he’s heard for instructors choosing not to use their LMS, Blackboard, are ubiquitous among faculty. It’s time for faculty to embrace technologies that help organizing learning (if not learning itself) easier for their students.


One thought on “If you pay for an LMS, then you should use your LMS …

  1. I read similar articles about computers and email a decade ago. I liked that this student put the responsibility of ensuring faculty are trained on the university. Maybe the Provost or someone on Knapp’s staff takes responsibility. The university can offer these services, but unless an employee is required to be trained, there are going to be some who do not bother.

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