iStrategy clients receive Blackboard letter

I logged in over at again today to see Vicki’s follow-up.

Vicki has posted a letter purported to be that which iStrategy clients are receiving from Michael Chasen at Blackboard notifying them of the acquisition of iStrategy by Blackboard. Here is the link so that you can go read her account yourself (I believe account creation is necessary):

Full text available here without logging in:

2 thoughts on “iStrategy clients receive Blackboard letter

  1. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for mentioning the post on edu1world. There has not been any public response from Blackboard. However, it’s true that Blackboard acquired iStrategy.

    Is there something specific that you’d like me to try to find out for you and your followers?


  2. Hi Laura,
    We have updated our website. Today Blackboard announced “Blackboard Analytics” to it’s investors via it’s Q4 earnings call. We have updated your link above to reflect this new news.

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