This week’s LMS Choice Announcements


As the end of life looms for Blackboard’s CE/Vista product increasingly regular reports are being received of institutions’ choices for its replacement.

This week’s announcements included two large Blackboard clients, UMass and UEN (Utah Educational Network).

UEN, not surprisingly, announced the decision to support their statewide network with Instructure, built by a Utah-based developer. Their announcement here.

Today, UMass Amherst announced their decision to phase in Moodle over the next two years (just beating the event horizon for the CE/Vista end of life, Dec. 2013). John Dubach, CIO for UMass Amherst, writes of their decision.

One thought on “This week’s LMS Choice Announcements

  1. Laura,
    Have you heard what dB UMASS is planning on using? I see that the moodle site says the MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Oracle are now supported. As big as they are, I would guess it would be Oracle. I’m not sure how many other places are using Oracle. That would be a concern for me.

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