How my work might change: Governance

(How my work might change if Notre Dame chose Sakai as its next LMS)

It doesn’t take much thought to acknowledge that any change presents opportunities along with it that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Congress takes advantage of this with nearly every bill it passes, bundling some more or less related legislature or budgetary consideration in with new law.

Let’s please not go that far! But still, if you know you must change, you can consider a whole batch of other changes that might be beneficial to implement at the same time. You could design a whole new way of doing things!

I’m actually wondering if certain beneficial changes stack better with the next choice of LMS and whether the changes that could be bundled with that choice might actually turn into criteria for the software selection itself.

So, proprietary vs open source? What kinds of changes naturally ‘bundle’ with one or the other?

In my next post I’ll describe a little about how governance and policy for our LMS works now, what I’ve dreamt it could be and how the decision, implementation and resourcing of the next LMS may or may not provide opportunities to be more strategic in how we support collaborative engagements like learning, research, and committee work, in addition to standard course management/access provisioning.