What IF Notre Dame chooses Sakai, Or: How would my work change?

From this perspective I hope to begin discovering what would be the ideal transition, the best practices and the currently missing elements at Notre Dame to support such a decision.

If I start hypothesizing now, this information could actually be taken back to the LMS evaluation committee and utilized to inform their ultimate decision, which, by the way, is due May 1, 2011.

Thus begins a new blogging series. I hope to engage the broader community to assist me in my unauthorized and VERY hypothetical exploration based on my current role, skills and usefulness in my current environment.

In future posts I will continuously refer back to this starting point as my disclaimer. I am positing the HYPOTHETICAL and WHAT IF scenario. I believe it will be extraordinary useful for me personally and for those of you it may engage because we are all living in situations where the reality we know now could, through changes in strategy, changes in identity, changes in technology direction, changes in the global marketplace … effect what we might be doing when we come to work tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “What IF Notre Dame chooses Sakai, Or: How would my work change?

  1. I spend much of my time studying technology adoption patterns and processes in higher education, particularly among enterprise systems which is how I would currently characterize the LMS. I applaud your question. In my experience, the impact of change on a single well-placed individual can shift decision-making for the entire institution, often in a direction that creates suboptimal results. Openly exploring the question allows this to become a visible aspect of the decision process.

    I have a few suggestions for you. (Links and contacts below.) First, the Sakai community is a helpful lot. If you posted this question to the Deploying Sakai list, you would create an open dialogue with others who have first-hand experience with this.

    Second, it might be helpful to listen-in on a call of the Sakai Teaching and Learning group. The monthly and quarterly meetings bring together updates on a variety of topics that sub-groups around the community are pursuing. It would provide some insight into the way that academic technology leaders are working with users on their campuses.

    Finally, part of the role of Sakai commercial affiliates is to inform and connect those who are evaluating Sakai. I would specifically recommend reaching out to Nate Angell from rSmart (@xolotl), John Lewis from Unicon (@johnalewis) and Nicola Monat-Jacobs from Longsight (@nicolamj). They can each share their perspectives in working across a wide range of institutions that have moved to Sakai from Blackboard.

    Deploying Sakai list info – http://sakaiproject.org/join-email-lists
    Sakai Teaching and Learning Group info – http://bit.ly/dAoYBh

  2. Absolutely. There’s an evaluation committee that has a decision due May 1st, 2010. I hear they currently want to stack Blackboard Learn 9.1 and Sakai 3.0 side by side. Unfortunately Sakai 3.o’s general release, as far as I can tell, won’t be out by then. Let Rob Easley know if you want to get involved. This is all I’m going to say about the actual evaluation. My blog posts are a hypothetical exploration, the “what if?” scenario.

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