IT Professionals (and Others) Un-Tie!


Are cynicism and apathy what human beings want to be known for? I don’t think so.

But why are we like this?

From what are we defending ourselves? From what are we hiding? Disappointment?

Is it not better to be game-changers? Not better to have counted for something? Here’s your chance. What will be scary to me is how many of you won’t do something important because it’s too simple. It involves Facebook, and voting by clicking. Click the image below. Click the Vote button. You’ll login to Facebook. Go to the Kohl’s department store app and click 5 votes to this K-8 school with no gym, no cafeteria, but an academically great curriculum and a 25 year history. You’ll have 15 votes left. To languish? Or to cast for three more K-12 schools facing budget crisises.

Clicking. That’s it.

And 90% of you reading this won’t do it. Why?