Bbworld 2010 – The difference one year has made

Observation 4

No, I am not on Blackboard’s payroll. Shame on you!

But did you notice this?

bbworld10_jefflongland_catalystawardwinner This photo is Jeff Longland, long time technical administrator of WebCT /  Blackboard over at Western Ontario University. Just a few weeks ago he took a new job with University of Vancouver (also a Blackboard client).

This year as a client he was recognized as contributing to the Blackboard company by spearheading innovative way for clients to assist in prioritizing the bug fixes of products which they use.

I was a part of the user group (BbSwat) where we first prioritized which fixes were important to us and then presented our aggregated results to Blackboard. Because of Jeff’s persuasiveness, because of the technology he found to make it easy (uservoice), Blackboard is now using it for all of their bug fix releases and is exploring ways to ask clients to help prioritize enhancements as well.

One thought on “Bbworld 2010 – The difference one year has made

  1. At the risk of re-surfacing previously posted pictures of me – thanks for the good one! One could also replace your choice of ‘persuasiveness’ with ‘pain in the butt’ 😉 FYI – I’m currently at the University of British Columbia, which is in Vancouver. Previously, I was at the University of Western Ontario.

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