Bbworld 2010 – The difference one year has made

Observation 1

Last year (and the year before) Sungard, a leading provider of Student Information Systems, was not present at the Blackboard conference.

Rumors abounded about the defunct, stalled, or otherwise unhealthy relationship between the two vendors.

Integration between the two largest providers of higher ed. systems (LMS/SIS), an integration formerly provided free and out of the box for CE/Vista customers anyway (give thanks to WebCT for that legacy arrangement) – was going to be a paid for professional service by Blackboard for which the client would be paying support in perpetuity. Slick, huh?

(Of course, such an integration would be later provided for Peoplesoft, Datatel and other SIS’s as well).

The Sungard folks have a message broker architecture which provides real-time messaging when enrollments change, sending those changes to the LMS as they happen. It has not been clear whether the paid-for integration and support would include that method.

Flash Forward: July 2010. Sungard is present at Blackboard. A new roadmap agreed upon by both vendors was unveiled. Around fourth quarter this year/ first quarter next year, a new integration framework will be delivered as part of the base Bb Learn Course Delivery product and provided for FREE. It will handle both batch and event driven LDI transactions. Look for relationships and products with the other big SIS vendors to follow.

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  1. Thanks for that bit of history. I was baffled when I learned that Learn 9 didn’t have that integration capability. Hopefully, they’ll get it in and working quickly.

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