What does an LMS do? What should it do?

If you think you’re evaluating a replacement for your current system and you don’t know the answers to these two vital questions, think again.

As Blackboard’s adopted products, Vista and CE, near their end of lives, many institutions are again evaluating what’s next.

Stay with Blackboard on their next generation product? Maybe even re-define what “it” is? Do you really have to replace “it” with a monolithic “system” or are the technologies that enable learning chosen one at a time as best fit for your institution and then glued together by a central authentication system and/or portal?

I wrote about Notre Dame’s evaluation process oh… what was that? About 3 years ago now. I had a series on “Switchers” using the old Tarenton cigarette motto “I’d rather fight than switch.” (Moved my blog after that and all those graphic links broke…sniff).

Well, switch we did. Many of us. A few of us were caught having just switched to ANGEL only to have ANGEL purchased by Blackboard. Some of us switched to Desire2Learn, and I hear they’re going strong. Many of us, like Notre Dame, chose the devil we know over the devil we don’t know.

This year, at BbWorld ’10, the Blackboard conference, several of us are inviting you to join us in a panel panel discussion around how to determine what it is your institution needs and how to find it.

I have to say Blackboard Learn 9.x may prove to be a better option today then it was just a couple years ago. Why? … That posting is for another day.