Growing evidence Blackboard may be serious about supporting learning with integrations of customer identified tools…

Blackboard as a platform.

Blackboard as glue.

Blackboard as the framework.

This ain’t haiku.



  • Proprietary companies are building more integrations with their interesting tools than ever before. And they are being better assisted by better documentation of Blackboard’s well-designed ‘hooks’.
  • John Fontaine’s lengthening and paid position as Blackboard “Senior Director of Technology Evangelism”… what IS that? Well, as I’ve observed, he goes around the world to conferences espousing technical architectures that are designed to play together well. He especially is interested in standards. The IMS Global Consortium, for example. The standard known as LIS 2.0. John is persuasive. I think he’s making dents… and not just in his forehead.
  • And goodness, Ray Henderson, former leader of ANGEL, is still with Blackboard, and seemingly still listened to one year later. So if you thought this was a gratuitous position contracted as part of the acquisition -you would be wrong.

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