Google Takes The High Road

Over the wall, outta China …to Hong Kong, that is.

I, for one, applaud Google’s decision to leave China (and all that revenue and 400 million netizens comprising 36% of total chinese netizens and all that other ‘oh no can’t do that; it’ll cost ’em money’ crap) in the face of more and more restrictive censorship rules being forced on them.

Doing the right thing is always going to be the right thing. Period.

Yes, they did sign a contract with the Chinese gov’t agreeing to abide by chinese law, which includes censorship. They shouldn’t have. I’m glad they saw the light.

I must be in the minority as google stock took a plunge this morning. (I wish I had money to buy some!)

Wall Street pundits even suggested a cagey smirky middle way by which google could buy into some other company and keep a presence in China without actually tarnishing the principles and ideals represented by the name “Google.” (Apparently Yahoo did that some years ago with a company called Ali Baba). Keep the name clean while getting only the feet muddy so that you can still make money?

It is worth noting that China is an independent and sovereign state – humans give those the right to operate by their own rules. Well, in theory mankind acknowledges that. But then we promote a ‘higher law’ which we invoke (with or without acknowledging a Supreme Spiritual Being behind that higher law…I’ve always wondered where a higher law would come from if there weren’t a Supreme Spiritual Being). Where was I going with this? Oh… yeah. Right:

  • Multinational corporations influencing sovereign states such as China.
  • The democratization of the world by multinationals.

What a great time to be alive!