IT Project and Portfolio Management Approaches that Work

Educause Midwest Regional Conference 2010 Session Notes (#mwrc10)

Ray Pauliks, Loyola, and Dan Smith, Marquette U

Do the right things and do them well. How?

Compared to Loyola and Marquette (~11k to 13k students) and 70 to 90 IT staff, Notre Dame’s IT staff is huge, ~300 (~13k students).

Loyola’s total portfolio is 150 projects at any one time. Projects are prioritized twice a year.

Marquette’s total portfolio is 60 projects. Do not have as mature governance structures as Loyola.

Although Loyola uses a PMBOK based project management approach, they’re trying to use a right fit approach for each project.

Their Project Management Offices provide training and oversight. Maturing in PM begins with the observation (from their office) (into IT projects) that changes behavior.