Weekend Upgrades

Only an small percentage of the population knows what I’m talkng about …the cadre of system, application and network administrators who keep the world’s systems running. They know what I’m talking about.

This morning I’m in my running shoes, running tights, big long fleece pullover, with a black ballcap pulled over my head. I came into the office to do the upgrade because I’m addicted to two monitors. Otherwise, I have done them from my living room couch. Of course, in the office I actually have two machines with two monitors. While one is doing the upgrade, the other is playing tunes with my email account open…

I suspect we all have our habits. The habits that preserve us from mistakes even when we’re half asleep and something goes wrong… Do you have ’em? Same clothes? Same drink? Same location? Certain prep tools?

Service Pack 3 followed by the Wimba 4 jar upgrade isn’t going to go wrong (in progress as I type). I could do this in my sleep. I’ve had two practice runs that were almost boringly uneventful.

I’m probably doing it in my sleep… this cold could be H1N1, you know. And I am writing a blog post in the middle of it.