A little documentation glitch for Service Pack 3 (CE/Vista 8.03)

For clustered installs we are advised in one place to set unit-of-order processing to false, and just after it, to change it to true.

Matt Brady, Blackboard integration Guru extraordinaire, in his October 5th email to the Blackboard-SunGard users list (since this affects real-time event processing from Luminis), sets us straight.

And, as far as I know, the Blackboard Vista_8.0,_Service_Pack_3_Release_Notes.pdf documentation has NOT been changed.

To ensure the LMB operates in an effecient manner the following modifications will need to be made to your configuration files on the ADMIN node.

1) In the config.xml file located at WebCTDomain/config/config.xml you must add the sub-deployment for the InboundQueue to the <jms-interop-module> section.





2) Ensure the unit-of-order processing is set to true in the interop-jms.xml file located at WebCTDomain/config/jms.

Before change:


After change:


3) Type “touch REFRESH” in the WebCTDomain directory on each managed node and then restart your cluster.


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