Random Error in Assessments containing Paragraph style questions

AssessmentParagraphTypeRightFrameError This is a screen capture (Thanks to Andy Freed of Portland Community College) of a quiz. In the left frame are the quiz questions and the ‘Save Answer” button after each. We always recommend to students that they save each answer as they progress through the test.

In the right hand frame a student normally sees green checks appear for every question they’ve answered and saved.

In this screen capture taken after a student has answered a paragraph style question (not a short answer style, but a paragraph style), an error condition is noted.


This bug doesn’t happen all the time. When it does happen, it’s been traced to quizzes containing at least one paragraph style question.


As always, advise your students to compose their answers to paragraph style questions in notepad or other desktop application and then paste it into the answer box. IF they receive this error message, have them immediately close the quiz and restart it. All answers they’ve saved will still be there. They can re-paste their paragraph answer, save the answer, and continue, lastly pressing the “Finish” button at the bottom.

5 thoughts on “Random Error in Assessments containing Paragraph style questions

  1. Hmm, good question. “might” be, I suppose. I wish current CE/Vista 8.03 clients would chime in on the listserve on whether they’ve seen this behavior/can duplicate it. The text of the VST-3898, I grant you, does lead one to believe some kind of keep alive is being inserted and that’s it.

  2. EZ-
    I’m re-posting. I think you’re right. This bug will not be addressed by VST-3898, nor by any other I currently know of…

  3. Deakin U in Australia is reporting 13 cases of disappeared assessment answers (GUI, yet clearly submitted say the logs) but these cases seem to be every student in the class, not just 1 or 2 of the test takers…
    At least SOMEbody is consistent.

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