This semester a clientele wanting it all…

Notre Dame, I would guess, has just topped 30% faculty saturation rate of adoption for our course management system. I based that solely on the kinds of support queries we’re getting as fall semester gets underway. They demonstrate a new wave of adopters who are jumping in with both feet.

We’ve said, “Take it slowly. Use the Gradebook. Add your syllabus. Next semester use a couple more features. Maybe add your lectures, as powerpoints or perhaps even podcasts using our lecture capture system or your own microphone.”

Instead, we’re getting Instructors looking at how they’ve delivered their face-to-face courses in the past and suddenly saying, “Supersize me!”

These past 3 weeks we’ve seen the same Instructors ask basic to advanced questions…

1. How do I set up a course?

2. Can I put my eReserves in here?

3. I want to combine 2 or 3 sections into the same coursesite.

4. How do I peer review assignments? (you don’t).

5. These icons are ugly. Can I change them?

6. My browser boots me back to the main page when I click on a link.(Browser not set to download files).

7. I uploaded the file but students tell me they can’t see it. (No link on Homepage).

8. I went to the Kaneb Center and they put these .mov files here that point to my media on the streaming server (I applaud), but now they don’t open for my students. (More than one Instructor has tried selective release to fix a java problem reported by more than one of their students).