They come like the rain in August…

Those requests for integrations and advanced features including, or inside, the course management system seem to be multiplying with ever increasing intensity.

Now it’s a way to extract the syllabus from the Public folder of each course and display it in our class search tool…

And these are only at Notre Dame.

Speaking of the rate of innovation…

Are you on the listserve where the following note came through ?

Subject: Faceboard?

Good (late) afternoon:

In using Blackboard as an instructor for the first time in too long, I suddenly find myself wanting for Facebook-like features. Seeing thumbnail photos of students in the discussion board would be awesome; dynamic status updates; embedded links that pull the referenced web site into the post; profile pages that have more than a photo, Email address, and phone number; wall photos and videos; dynamic linking to other web 2.0 apps, etc. etc. Probably me, but Blackboard suddenly seems so……oh, I don’t know….web 1.0.



One thought on “They come like the rain in August…

  1. The publishers know the faculty want more than their textbooks offer. The publisher sites are cumbersome when they already have your LMS. So the publishers need you to setup the integrations to keep the faculty interested.

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