Librarian in Residence Gave me a Call

She’s got one year to make her mark. Her first assignment is to get a library resource for Computer Science, Chemistry and Engineering students closest to where the student’s point of need is.

So she thinks of the course management system.

And what can I do for her?

Applaud. Leap up and down.

Then what?

Hmm… Is there a programmatic way of adding this library resource (just a weblink at this point) into each course section?

One thought on “Librarian in Residence Gave me a Call

  1. My number one disappoint with CE/Vista templates is exactly this. Editing a master template should push that to every section using it. (Plus every template based on the master.)
    The way templates actually work, one has to know at the very beginning everything which should be in them and have sections built on that later. In reality, no one knows more than a few weeks in advance what should needs to be pushed to everyone.

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