#bbworld09 Les Holt of NBC Final KeyNote

“I’m walkin’ on sunshine” the conference theme song… While we’re waiting on Les, sadly a much diminished audience, we’re being regaled by photographs of ourselves from the huge screens at the front of the room. I recognize so many folks I’ve been able to spend time with this conference.

Ray Henderson does the introduction and recaps the conference.

1st Seth Godin’s Tribes theme as relates to the coming together as the ANGEL tribe, the Vista tribe, the classic tribe but above these the passions that unite us, education, teaching and learning. … the image of the Great Blackboard Nation.

Ray feels he’s been getting encouragement on the direction he’s leading, that it’s the right one…

Now for the Les Holt introduction, the weekend anchor of the NBC news

He’s topic is non-traditional ways of learning.

(Never took a communications course …)

Digital tools are creating new opportunities for both journalism and education. Called journalism “the recording of the first drafts of history.”

Today we can no longer tell ourselves that events in another city or country doesn’t effect us. We consume news now with the understanding that all things are connected.

On a daily basis news covered by journalists effects our students, and what we hope as educators, they will do with that news. Students are connecting with information in new and different ways.

As we look back in time, we can see how much television has changed how we apprehend events around the world (video clip shown). [Wish the clip were on the internet…I’d link to it].

“Democratization of journalism” means that the consumers are more and more becoming the first line reporters and contributors.

We have access to a media library of fair, accurate, and detailed archives of historical events for our educational purposes. We can infuse our education with visual representation of how people at that moment understood and responded to the events.

Excellent closing keynote and introduction to the NBC Learn materials Blackboard has just licensed.

Q&A entertained a question about Les’ kids who are 3 years apart and their use of technology. 1st child used cellphone and called friends. 2nd son texts and IMs, does not use phone for ‘calls’. Our students use of technology and their expectations of it is changing rapidly.