#bbworld09 "THE KEYNOTE"

Michael Chasen (CEO of Bb) and Ray Henderson (new President of Learn)…

New video “Touched by an ANGEL” … Old Blackboard (John Fontaine) and Bb NG and Ray Henderson (the ANGEL, of course) corny has just been taken to a new level. Funny.

Michael Chasen talking through  for us…

Topics: Next Phase of Project NG, 1st 50 days of Bb …

Long term strategy for NG to include:

  • “Universal access to Education” (O’Bama’s announcment today of allocation of $ to build free online courses).
  • “Ability to measure educational results”
  • “Utilizing mobile social technologies as a key part of education process”

Next steps for NG:

  • Need to highly personalize and customize the learning experience
  • Ability to handle more interactive content
  • Support true K-20 teaching and learning

Practically speaking…

  • Bb is opening up their dataset, adding ANGEL to the Learn 9 connector so that courses can stay in their native containers, authoring tool now includes ability to add  different kinds of content, such as NBC’s news archives or youtube.com .
  • (Vanderbilt has a building block that takes students to their iTunes U directly from their CMS).
  • Echo 360 lecture capture for 25 courses is free with Bb license. (More is licensable).
  • Wiki has been added to Learn 9.
  • Ability to transfer content to the Kindle to view has been added.
  • Licensing of NBC archive included in Learn license.
  • Features specific to K-12 are now available, such as a parent dashboard and demonstrated alignment to state standards.
  • Course Files is part of the product, does not require a separate license.

Ray Henderson takes the stage

  • His KeyNote is really a reiteration of his blog posts. Except for this, which got applause: “we are taking first steps to opening the database in NG.” This requires changes in policy. [Yes. Yes. ~Lg]
  • Ray asks for our help. He asks us to “Plan your path to NG.”

TerriblyClever acquired by Bb. They take the stage. They are heading up new Blackboard division, MobileEdu. These kinds of applications deserve their own post.