Bbworld09 : Seth Godin Keynote

I’m hoping for good things from this pinch hitter (Sir Ken Robinson couldn’t make it), this morning. Seth Godin is no lightweight himself. Prolific author ).

Seth is onstage, talking about change and who makes it happen. From Henry Ford to this day, founder of Acumen Fund, for example.

States: We’ve trained people to want 20 pairs of pants instead of 2. To buy as consumers. Our training needs to be undone.

There is an opportunity to change the world. Educators need to step up because we need someting different now.

Compliance doesn’t work to create value. Giant shift is value is created person to person, not top down.

He argues, “Tribal behavior is what is needed to create a different world.”

(Groups of people aligned by a common culture.) First tribes: religious, work, community.

Creating a tribe involves symbols creating insiders and outsiders. Change Agents job is to create a group of insiders who want to make change.

Factories are dead. Education is dead. The models are dead. An institution can not hold the learning hostage any more.

Sports fans are a tribe. Obviously. Example: RedSox won the pennant. Couldn’t fit more in stadium. Started a tribal movement “Red Sox Nation.”

We are the 1st generation of postive deviants. A positive deviant is someone who figures out how to do sometihng and does it.

Negative example: “I want to be middle of the curve.” Leading the average? Yuck.

Be the unicorn in the balloon factory.

The market for something to believe in is infinite.

Our job is not to say no.

Marketing today is fundamentally broken. Leadership is marketing today.

Challenge the status quo.

Create a culture that stands for something. Some “pirate patch” some “secret handshake” …

Challenge Culture Curiosity Charisma. Connect. Commit. Create meaning.

(Charisma doesn’t make you a leader. Leadership gets you charisma.)

My job is to inspire you to be inspiring.

And that was Seth Godin.