BbWorld 09 and Openness

I’m intrigued by this scheduled session: “Customizing the Blackboard Virtual Learning Experience with Openness”

If you like acronyms, you may have noticed VLE in there, as Virtual Learning Environment (or Experience. Take your pick.).

I have every respect for John Fontaine and even his new quirky title: “Senior Director, Technology Evangelism.” I hope he converts all you sinners to openness.

Somehow I can’t help but seque to the openness marketing campaign even though I can’t quite come up with a metaphor that doesn’t involve naked vs bundled people in some Apple vs PC parady. Fontaine will be accompanied leading this session by George Kroner, Developer Relations Engineer. His title really invokes a new priesthood, one which embraces software engineering in kum-ba-ya community. Seriously, I don’t know how you do this with real engineers unless genetic manipulation is involved.

I think you’ll like this session. July 14th 11:30am to 12:15pm. Potomac Ballroom A.

(Hey.. Can this one be recorded? Video too? ).

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