A Day in the Life of a Course Management Administrator


Post-holiday weekend.

No, I’m not a drinker or a party-er. Just a Mom.

Last Thursday we moved the IP address of the service’s front-end to a new appliance. That was done by a DNS record change after the health checks were confirmed to be in place. I checked it out. Took a while to propagate.

Friday. Saturday. Family. Kids. Fireworks buying. Macaroni salad. Hamburgers. Open House.

Sunday. 7:47am. I didn’t set an alarm. Knew I wouldn’t need one. Tip-toed past the husband. Sat out on the couch in my bathrobe, logging in to the VPN, then ssh’ing onto the production servers, where I’d prepp’ed the new license files Saturday in between family stuff. Yes, Notre Dame is 7 days into our 14 day grace period. Restarting the application. Good. We’re legal again.

Monday. 6am. Elliptical workout. iPOD wailing inspirational music. It’s not working. Packing the kids up for day camp. Wear swimsuits. Take backpack of clothes, towel. Lunches. Fix hubby eggs and bacon. He doesn’t cook but still believes I do. My MagicBullet smoothie isn’t spinning up, shoulda had the eggs…

Short bicycle ride in. Nice weather. Arrive in the nick of time for our group’s Monday morning touch-base. We tell each other what we plan to get done. On Wednesday we tell each other what we still hope to get done. On Friday we tell each other what we failed to get done.

Log in to Change Tracker. Close out the changes I made to servers. Find the dates in Euro format. Decide to be a good neighbor and report it. There ensues email exchanges the rest of the day. They also tell me I didn’t add my closeout note in the correct format. I even referenced their document. More emails.

Track down QA Coordinator and explain how WK package from Oracle Companion Products didn’t get installed on the new Linux RDBMS, only my application cares. I didn’t catch it. Why. What next. The DBA has to re-install binaries, reinstall Companion, add patches. We’ll schedule during quarterly Oracle patching. Garbage Collect won’t run ’til then…

Instructor calls Help Desk. Looking for a WebDAV file space. Campus doesn’t have such a thing, but Bb Vista does. He wants to use Zotero client and backup to WebDAV share. Whoa. Wait a minute… Gotta research. This sounds crazy. Download and install Zotero.

BbWorld coming up. Look up the schedule. See what I can attend. Why do ANGEL clients get their own search theme but Vista clients don’t? Wish I could search on that…

2:47pm Now finishing up integration testing on new DEV cluster. Sys admin cloned it and needs me to sign off that the app didn’t break. Sign off? Open Change Tracker again?

Going for another cup of coffee…

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