Desire2Live now taking the low road? I expect better of them!

Desire2Learn had the high road in my book when they sent the letter to Blackboard agreeing to give the expected $1 million in lawyer’s fees to educational initiatives with Blackboard if Blackboard would do likewise and drop the patent suit.

But now they seem to have moved into dispensing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) by implying the DOJ has begun an anti-trust investigation of Blackboard concerning their recent acquisition of ANGEL. I’m not saying the DOJ has or it hasn’t begun such an investigation, which may in fact be warranted. I’m saying that after half an hour searching I gave up trying to find corroborating evidence.

I suppose D2L could have received a phone call from the DOJ and misconstrued it. We can give them the benefit of the doubt there… but a little more research may have been in order.

Campus Technology’s article here sheds a tad bit more light on what we can expect. Seems Blackboard itself rec’d a phone call from the DOJ May 22nd.

One thought on “Desire2Live now taking the low road? I expect better of them!

  1. If you need more evidence. Blackboard just issued their SEC fillings today to inform their investors of the investigation.

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