Dr Chuck Severance visits Bb Angel Indy Office the day after delivering Academix Keynote "Beyond the LMS"

Thanks to Jan Postonday for this TwitPic photo:

drchuck_visits_BbAngel_Indy  Jan doesn’t identify the other person in the photo… perhaps a new BB, former ANGEL employee?

I linked to Dr. Chuck’s Keynote slides in a posting several weeks ago. True to form his talk is generating plenty of dialogue here at Notre Dame concerning vision and architecture for an LMS replacement. How exactly does the present day LMS morph to become that next ‘system’ or ‘glue’ or ‘portal’ for all the things teaching and learning requires, for all those fun Web 2.0 cloud apps?

Is Blackboard ready for the death of the LMS as we know it?

Is Sakai still listening to Dr. Chuck? Is Sakai 3 the holy grail?

Who is more agile, robust, visionary, and capable of delivering? Can an old-school vendor-purchasing institution join the world’s largest software development committee and get what they need?

I shudder at some of the consensus-driven bodies I’ve been apart of, remembering what my Mother taught me, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people, all of the time.”

Let’s hope Sakai or Blackboard (or Moodle?) pleases Notre Dame because other pickin’s are getting slim.

One thought on “Dr Chuck Severance visits Bb Angel Indy Office the day after delivering Academix Keynote "Beyond the LMS"

  1. Is the LMS really going to die anytime soon? While distributed/cloud/network learning is really attractive to us, it’s a lot of work for faculty who still struggle with the LMS when the content is in just one place. I’d like to think there’s a happy middle ground between the pseudo-“mashable” tools previewed in BBNG and the true use of any network tool you’d like, but I don’t see that happening in a predictable, secure way that’s mass consumable for the near term.
    We’re starting our next LMS replacement project now, and I’m hoping we can find a comfortable platform for the 80% of our users that won’t hold back the 20% who want to use the most current tools.

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