BbWorld ’09 for Those Who Can’t Make it

This news deserves its own post…

I’m not certain how many of us had professional development, travel or conference budgets cut this year and therefore will not be attending BbWorld in WashingtonDC, but…

It’s no doubt a substantial number. So…

The VistaSWAT user group is planning, with Blackboard’s help facilitating this for all user groups, to have one of our regular meetings utilizing Wimba Classroom FROM the conference. The VistaSWAT members who are there will be able to share their impressions with those who aren’t, take questions, and hopfully report back. (Thank you Blackboard’s Sahar Javadi).

AND, Blackboard will be recording some sessions so that they can be viewed remotely. (Thanks for the news Bb John Porter!). While probably not synchronous viewing, it certainly does help in these hard economic times.


One thought on “BbWorld ’09 for Those Who Can’t Make it

  1. We just did a purely online conference with a regional tech group in Elluminate with multiple concurrent sessions. It was definitely lower budget, but it went very well and cost us something like $35 for the whole conference. Sure, we didn’t get the fun of travel, but the chairs were much more comfortable.

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