BbWorld ’09 Washington DC

Yee ha! Just heard the conference is going to have wireless EVERYWHERE.

Some of us were quite grumpy at Boston last year because wireless was not available throughout the conference venue and was slow at the places where it was painted. It sounds like Blackboard is taking this to heart.

I thoroughly expect them to bring it up to smokin’ fast, or die trying, at the venue they’ve chosen this year, the Gaylord National Convention Center.

My cynical self recognizes it will be a little easier to get good throughput this year, not because of the site’s superior networking or Blackboard trucking in additional gear, but, because so many of my compatriots …sniff… won’t be able to make it due to budget cuts.

2 thoughts on “BbWorld ’09 Washington DC

  1. Hi Laura
    last year was Vegas, two years ago was Boston. Maybe you memory of the conference stayed in Vegas as they say…
    The wireless was good in Vegas. But as you say many of us will not come as in my state there is a travel ban for all state employees, so the only way to come is to pay my own way. I will look forward to your tweets about BB World 09 sessions this year so I can at least “virtually attend”.

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